SugaR Bakery

Authentic Russian bakery with a rare collection of sugar bowls

The name of the eatery is a reference to the Ponizovkin Factory which was established just outside Vyatskoye Village. Ponizovkin was known as the potato and sugar king of Russia. His products could be bought all around Russia and were even featured on the emperor’s table. Airy French-style croissants, over 20 types of delectable desserts, fresh baked goods, an elaborate bar list, and various coffee drinks.

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Nekrasov Restaurant

History, modern tech, and Russian cuisine

Named after the famous Russian poet, the restaurant features a wide summer terrace and slick modern design elements. The spiral staircase is decorated with frescos and organ tubes. Ancient instruments are displayed around the restaurant. The interior includes many fine touches. Events up to 300 guests.

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By the River Bistro

Cozy bistro by the Ukhtomka River. Located in a historic building. Savour a wide selection of wines and European dishes on our open terrace.

Simple yet exquisite meals for a family lunch or a dinner date. Signature pâtés, marbled beef tartare, fresh croissants with cheese, seafood pasta.

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