Отели у реки

"Contractor Terentyev’s House"

Two floors, 6 rooms. The arched gate is a feature of Vyatskoye Village. Nowadays, it’s used as a panoramic window. Genuine decorations and simple designs.

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"Merchant Ozerov’s Apartments"

Just 6 rooms are available. The apartments are located in a former production and trade enterprise that was established in 1897 and survived up to the middle of the 20th century. The interiors feature Provence-style furniture, light wooden floors, and simple but fanciful designs.

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"Artisan Khomutov’s House"

The building dates back to the early 19th century and is richly decorated with stucco mouldings. Note also the stone dormer. The architecture is influenced by St. Petersburg. The foundations are built on large stones. 6 rooms are available.

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"Artisan Petryaev’s House"

The interiors are minimalistic but colorful. The building is an architectural landmark notable for its French style. Each room features its own distinct design.

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Отели на центральной площади

"Merchant Kundyshev-Volodin’s House"

The building, originally a poorhouse, was completely rebuilt from ruins. The style is late classicism. The house is notable for its elegant facades and rooms. Also, take note of the elements related to the end of the 19th century. For example, the vestibules include suitcases built into the walls behind the staircases.

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"Merchant Glinkina’s House"

The hotel opened in 2024. 14 spacious rooms allow guests to experience 19th century Provence.

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"Merchant Telushkina’s House"

The building was rebuilt after being demolished during the Soviet period. 10 rooms are available.

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Spacious wooden cottages with panoramic views of a birch forest. Become one with nature!

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"White Dacha" chalet

The single-storey, snow-white chalet features bird-carving designs. In ancient times, birds were considered to be perfect creatures because they could reach the heavens.

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